Challenge Month

I don’t need an excuse to get on my bike, but sometimes a little motivation helps to keep a regular routine going. This was my thought when I decided to kick off June with a challenge. Sure, I could just plan to randomly ride more often, but that makes the excuses way too easy.

So I turn my attention to June. Trying to avoid my customary tendency to overdo things when I decide to start a lifestyle change, I have a plan that I believe is attainable but challenging.

5 Miles a Day

That’s it. Ride five miles and I’ve reached my goal for the day. The key, of course, is to keep it up for 30 days. I’ll be keeping myself honest by posting on here and …

I’ve joined the Great Cycle Challenge so that I can raise money for Childhood Cancer Research. It’s a great way to keep motivated and do some good in the process.

Please check out my GCC page and contribute as you can to help kids who are fighting against this scourge.

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