Local man leaves the corporate world behind to pursue the life of a novelist. 

Nah, life is never that simple. But I will admit that, in my more self-delusional moments, I aspire to have a headline like that written about me.
Hi! I’m Bryce Amburn. I am a writer and editor.

I write personal memoirs, as well as commentary on such varied topics as international and domestic politics, sports, cooking, biking, and camping.

I am also an avid traveler. I’m the guy who, at age 17, threw away his return flight from Mexico in order to see more of the country, run with the bulls, and eventually return to Wisconsin by bus. Yeah, I have a few stories like that. Once an adventurer, always an adventurer.

My current work in progress is a non-fiction account of the investigation into a cold case that has been a mystery in our family for decades. In addition, I plan to write a novel based on this story.

I am a father to two boys and a husband to one wife.

Please contact me for more information: